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PPS is active in environment protection and therefore trailblazer in the industry of plasticcards. It is our aim to make a real contribution towards environment protection. For that reason we were looking for a solution that helps to protect the environment measurably and verifiable compared to conventional production of plasticcards.

For decades plasticcards are made from verious synthetic materials. Depending on the use of the card the material is optimally harmonized. However, the production of plasticcards is energy consuming and problematic in the aspect of environment protection. Besides others CO2  and nuclear waste occurs during the generation of energy - no matter if the cards are made from PVC, PETG, PS, PP or PC.

As of August 1, 2017 PPS offers their customers different possibilities to produce their cards eco-friendly.

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1. CO2-compensation of production and raw material

The synthetic material for the production and also during the production itself a lot of energy is needed. The energy that is used for the production is usually a mix of nuclear power, coal, gas, other fossile energies and renewable energies.

In cooperation with a local energy supplier we are paying the difference between the costs for production of the defined amount of 100% eco-friendly hydrodynamic power compared to energy mix.

With your environmental charge you help to save CO2 by moving the equivalent of energy needed during the production of plasticcards incl. the production of raw material towards hydrodynamic power. The production of your plasticcards becomes CO2-neutral.

The environment charge is handed over 100% to the energy company. The hydrodynamic power plant can be named.

Your contribution to shift the energy production towards renewables helps to reduce the emission of climate-damaging CO2 by 66 kg per 1.000 plasticcards and high-toxic nuclear waste by 0,052 g per 1.000 plasticcards in Germany.*

 * These facts are valid for standard PVC cards, 760 micron.

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  • Entire compensation of CO2-emission of the production process incl. the production of the raw material.The production therefore becomes  CO2-neutral
  • Energy from 100% hydrodynamic power
  • no CO2-emissions
  • no radioactive nuclear waste
  • reducing emissions in Germany
  • Green advertising „CO2-neutral“ 
  • Increasing your sustainability management in the field of environment protection


  • Environment charge depends on quantiy up to 1.5% of total costs

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2. CO2-compensation of waste disposal

Every plasticcard needs to be disposed sooner or later. You can now not only compensate the CO2-emission of the entire production process but also the emissions occuring for the waste disposal of your products. This ensures a CO2-neutral process from raw material to disposal.

3. Cards made from high-strength cardboard material

Eco-friendly material from renewable material are a real alternative to conventional PVC cards in many applications. A lot of cards are used only once or a few times - PVC material is not necessary. High-quality, enduring cardboard material with FSC certification, which is developed for card-production is the right choice here. It is hard to distinguish this material from PVC optically and haptically whereas the eco-balance is far better than PVC material. Especially for gift cards or other single use cards the cardboard material is the perfect pick!

Of course the high-strength cardboard material can be combined as weill with Pos. 1 and Pos. 2 - you get cards from regrowing raw-material, produced CO2-neutral and by request even disposed CO2-neutral.


  • FSC certifiied, renewable raw material
  • CO2-compensation additional possible (see Pos. 1 and Pos. 2)
  • Easy disposal in the paper waste


  • less strong than PVC, PET, PS and PC
  • higher costs compared to synthetic material
  • not suitable for RFID- and Chipcards

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For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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