Plastic cards in Trade:

  • Fashion stores
  • Supermarkets
  • furniture store
  • Online shopping
  • filling station

Performance of Plastic cards:

  • double customer restraint (the one who gives, the one who gets)
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • repeated customer contact by collecting bonus points / discounts
  • Barcode cards may be used in networks of different companies
  • information about e.g. new opening hours
  • Price labelling (also food safe cards for meat or bread counter)
  • POS-Marketing (Voucher cards at point-of-sale for Online Shopping)
  • Key-finder

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In use as

  • Bonus cards
  • Trump cards
  • discount cards
  • Voucher cards
  • Gift cards (in stationary trade also for virtual product such as data, onine access, music etc.)
  • Kundenkarten  
  • City Cards
  • Family Cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Article pass
  • Price tags (also food-safe for meat- or bread-counter)
  • Promotional item
  • Calender cards
  • Business cards