Printing and Encoding of Chip cards

Product specifications

Chip cards - printed and encoded by experts

This type of Plastic card is also named Smartcard or IC cards (Integrated Circuit card). These cards are produced in two steps: First the card is printed in Offset process. After that the Chip is implanted in a defined field. The chip is either used as a storage media only or can be a microprocessor with various programmable functions.

The chipmodules are distringuished by:

  • manufacturer
  • capacity
  • Type: storage or processor chip

The size and the position of the chip is normed in ISO 7816. For chipcards you need a reading device where the card needs to be inserted. For that reason these cards are also named Contact card

If your requirement is a Plastic card that needs to be read without direct contact to the reading unit, please see RFID cards. We are printing and encoding Chip cards for more than 30 years now. Please send us your request.

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Examples of Application:

  • Bank cars,
  • Phone cards
  • Insurance cards
  • ID cards
  • Access control
  • Cash cards