ID card with photo, glossy laminated


Credit card format: ISO 7810 (85,6 mm x 54,0 mm)
Thickness: 0,76 mm (+/- 0,08 mm)
Material: hard PVC white
Surface: glossy laminated (print under PVC lamination)
Offset print: CMYK (background)
Personalization: Thermosublimation print 4-coloured

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  • Min. quty. card: 250 pcs.
  • Personalization: from 1 pc. per call


  • Thickness: 0,5 mm
  • Surface: matt lamination
  • Technology: RFID- and Contact chip, Magnetic stripe
  • TRW stripe

Typical application

  • longterm use
  • Member ID, employee ID card, Student cards, Visitor cards etc.


  • high durability
  • ID card in Credit card quality
  • better price than digital print for higher quantities (see Sample Card 9
  • tamper-proof if equipped with security features and/or Chip modul