We are encoding your Plastic cards - individually upon your specifications

No matter if Chip card, RFID cards or magnetic stripes - encoding of Plastic cards is our strength. Following all the technical and legal regulations we are encoding your data on the Plastic card. To check the technical functionality you are receiving a first sample for approval on your system. Only after your ok we are starting the production.

Encoding of Contact chip cards, RFID cards and magnetic stripe cards

  • individual Encoding following your instruction
  • All the commonly used contact chips, RFID chips and magnetic stripes on plastic cards can be encoded
  • Coordination with your Software- or Hardware-Supplier
  • state-of-the-art production machines
  • Sample for approval before production starts
  • 100%-production upon demand
  • low-cost production of small quantities
  • Special solutions upon request

The ISO-Norm for Magnetic stripes is ISO 7811. Track1 can be encoded with numbers and letters. Track 2 and 3 can contain combinations of numbers.

Track 1 76 characters (alphanumeric)
Track 2 37 characters (numeric)
Track 3 104 characters (numeric)

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