RFID Shield cards

Contactless payment is a very handy method of payment via RFID data exchange between card and reading unit of a payment terminal. But data can be skimmed by third party without being recognised by the card owner. Criminals can scan the data through clothes, even through tables and misused afterwards. With a simple but genious promotional item you can protect your RFID cards: The Anti-Skimming Card, aka RFID Blocker or RFID Shield-Card!

Active Blocker

This card is equipped with a strong RFID chip sending in a broad frequency, therefore in contact with the reading units first, before they can get in touch with the RFID payment cards. The protection is guaranteed 10 mm all around the Active Blocker Card. Just put one card in your wallet and you'll be fine.

Passive Blocker

The passive blocking card has a metallic middle layer and works mechanical. Cards are protected against criminal reading if they are completely covered by the blocking card. This is the much more econimic alternative, easier handling then putting aluminium foil in your wallet and it makes a nice promotional item, too.

Which alternative your customer prefers, the PPS team is there for you to calculate your individual offer!

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Product specifications

Standard quality and Type:
0,76 / 0,82 mm PVC laminated (credit card quality)
in Offsetprint CMYK

Environment protection

Eco-friendly materials
recycled PVC | PETG | cardboard material | PP

Reduction of CO2-Emissions
raw material | production | disposal