Print and Encoding of your Plastic card

The magnetic stripe card is considered as the classic plastic card. The stripe is covered with a magnetic metallic oxide - it can be encoded and read. Magnetic stripe cards are cheap data carrier for universal use. The encoded data can be changed in contrary to a fix printed individual barcode. The price advantage in comparison to other data carrier such as Contact- or RFID chips and the variability of data makes the magnetic stripe card first choice in many fields and applications.

There are two different types of magnetic stripes. The resistance against deleting (coercitivity) makes the difference. The capacity is the same in both types.

coercivity: 300 Oersted*
colour: brown or black

prone to magnetic perturbation

coercitivity: 2750 Oersted* or 4000 Oersted*
colour: black
relatively resistant against magnetic perturbation

*Oersted (Oe) is the unit for magnetic field strength
Both types do have the same measures and are standardized acc. to DIN 7811.

Standard Plastic cards with magnetic stripe can be read by normal swipe card reader or insert reading device. Beside the standard magnetic stripes we can provide special formats or extra solutions for your individual demand. Please send us your request.

There are three Tracks available for your Data

Track 1 76 digits (alphanumeric)
Track 2 37 digits (numeric)
Track 3 104 digits (numeric)

Examples of application:

  • Canteen cards
  • Petrol cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Hotel cards
  • Bonus cards
  • Club cards
  • Voucher cards
  • Employee ID cards

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Product specifications

Standard quality and Type:
0,76 mm PVC laminated (credit card quality)
in Offsetprint CMYK

Environment protection

Eco-friendly materials
recycled PVC | PETG | cardboard material | PP

Reduction of CO2-Emissions
raw material | production | disposal