Future group guiding system

In order to support museums and tourist sites with the challenges that a re-opening in the context of the corona crisis brings, PPS offers a digital group guiding system in cooperation with a leading manufacturer of audio guides. The system meets hygiene requirements and enables you to keep a safe distance when visiting tourist attractions.

The group guiding system enables live group tours with smartphones while maintaining a safe distance. The customer books a guided tour and activates it by scanning the QR Code on a one-time card on his own smartphone. Since these cards do not have to be returned, they are not passed on. This prevents the risk of infection.

By simply scanning the QR Codes printed on the one-time cards (no touch required), the tour guides automatically generate a one-way channel to stream their explanations to the visitors' smartphones. The guide's smartphone serves as a transmitter and the visitor's smartphone as a receiver.

The tour guide can speak at a reduced volume and is still heard by the group members in high speech quality. The participants can easily keep the safety distance between the tour guide and the other participants.

This means that museums and tour operators can continue to offer guided tours without the visitors having to approach the tour guides. All you need as an organizer are our one-time tour guide tickets and registration of your guides on the system. Each participant needs their own mobile phone and an acceptable internet connection.


  • Compliance with the Corona safety and hygiene conditions
  • no contract, no minimum term
  • no purchase and maintenance of your own hardware
  • quick and easy implementation within 48 hours
  • simple and intuitive use on the smartphone
  • very good voice quality

If you are interested, we will be happy to set up a test access and give you test cards. Give us a call or fill in the contact form below.


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