Individual special solutions around Plastic cards

Individual answers to special demands in the field of Plastic cards are our strength. No matter if special material, material combinations, non-standard forms or functions are needed. We are developing the optimum product for your need.

For a long time we are supplying insurance companies with double cards made from PET that are glued on fan-fold paper. Both the paper and the cards are printed at the data processing centre of the insurance. Our customers appreciate this product combination as the optimum processability, cost efficiency and a top quality plastic card instead of paper cards. The clients gets a long lasting insurance card and the insurance company can process the combined product economically in their own data processing centre.

You are looking for an eye-catching possibility of presenting your Plastic cards?
No matter if VIP cards, Voucher cards or Gift cards: PPS offers you displays for your cards that present the product prominently on your cash desk. Individual design of the display already from 1 piece.

You are looking for an individual product that is tailor-made to your needs? PPS is the right partner in developing specific solutions in plastic and paper with more than 30 years of experience.

Examples of application:

  • Double cards for insurances
  • individual forms of Plastic cards
  • alternative combination of materials
  • Counter display for Gift cards or Voucher cards

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