Print of Plastic cards on HT material for max. temperature resistance

The Standard Plastic card is heat proof up to about 60°C. For most applications this is sufficient. There are special demands where a much higher heat proof is needed, such as use of cards in hot regions or especially in the car behind the windshield.

Special HT material can resist high temperatures up to 110°C. Because of the characteristics of the material also higher resistance against breaking and more flexural stiffness.

Examples of application:

  • Access control to high temperature areas in the industry
  • Cards that are exposed to direct sunlight
  • Cards that are fixed to the windshield for access to parking areas
  • ID cards for heat systems

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Product specifications

Standard quality and Type:
0,76 mm PVC laminated, heat proof up to 70°C
in Offsetprint CMYK

product options

0,76 mm PVC High temperature up to 85° C
0,76 mm PVC High temperature up to 100° C

Printing process
Offsetprint | silkscreen

monochrome black | monochrome coloured
Photo | DOD | Embossing

Magnetic stripe | RFID-Chip | Contact chip

Signature panel | Spot varnish | Hotstamping
Hologram | Scratch off label | Hole

Environment protection

Eco-friendly materials
recycled PVC | PETG | cardboard material

Reduction of CO2-Emissions
raw material | production | disposal