PET thin plastic cards on fan-fold paper

PET cards give a high-quality impression because of the haptical character compared to paper or cardboard. PET is recyclable and saves resources- good for the environment.

The personalisation of the cards and the fan-fold is made at the same time easy and economically. You can use the cards optimally for your customer communication. Important notes are always present to your customer as he carries the card in his purse. The PET card can be a single or a double card, insurances often use perforated double cards. The fan-fold paper can be perforated upon your demand.

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Product specifications

Standard quality and Type:
0,76 mm PVC laminated (credit card quality)
in Offsetprint CMYK

Environment protection

Eco-friendly materials
recycled PVC | PETG | cardboard material | PP

Reduction of CO2-Emissions
raw material | production | disposal