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Measures card format:

85.6 x 54.0 mm. The document shall have a size of 89.0 mm x 58.0 mm. The format of the card shall be centered, bleed difference is 1.7 mm left/right and 2 mm top/bottom.
Attention: Punching tolerances up to 1.0 mm are possible.

download template here

Methods of print, colours

UV-Offset print:

  • Print in CMYK or special colour (HKS-K and Pantone-C) in 70-raster (175 lpi)
  • rasterized objects shall not undercut 8% and not exceed 85 %
  • The entire colour application shall not exceed 250 %
  • A lush black (for large areas) is achieved by shimming Cyan (appr. 40%) If you want to avoid the slightly blue appearance you may also choose for C50/M40/Y30/K100.
  • 100% black for text, graphics etc. shall be over an even background.
  • The value for over- / underfilling is appr. 0,15 pt
  • min. line thickness (also for fonts): Positive, full tone = 0,25 pt (0,09 mm); positiv, rasterized = 0,5 pt (0,18 mm); negative, full tone or rasterized = 0,5 pt (0,18 mm)
  • A colour proof is welcome but not colour binding. The used material for printing and the lamination could change the result.


  • Printed in 24-Raster (60 lpi)
  • Rasterized objects should be avoided
  • min. line thickness (also for fonts, but: do not use serif-fonts): Positive, full tone = 0,5 pt (0,18 mm); negative, full tone = 1 pt (0,35 mm)

Combination Silkscreen / UV-Offset print:

  • silkscreen should be printed full-faced, afterwards Offset print is applied over the silkscreen (Attention colour deviation against print on white surface)
  • Offset objects can be extracted from the silkscreen background, the over-/underfilling can be 0.2 mm.

Data format

The following formats can be accepted:

  • PDFX3 and PDFX4 (additional open data can accelerate the creation of galley slip) 
  • EPS (if contains pixel-picture, the resolution shall be min. 300 dpi)
  • TIFF (resolution min 300 dpi)
  • QuarkXPress 6.5 (Mac and Windows)
  • Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop CS4, Freehand MX (Mac and Windows)
  • Corel Draw 13.0 (only Windows)

Usually the predecessors of the above mentioned data formats can be used. Fonts in open files need to be delivered separately or changed into curves/paths. The same applies for grahics and pictures: either they are integrated or need to be delivered separately.

Attention: Office programs are not a suitable tool for creating card artworks!

General notes:

  • The layout is created on the net-format of a Plastic card: (85.6 * 54 mm), please add punching and register marks (outside the gross size of the card 89 * 58 mm)
  • bled-off print needs to have a Bleed difference (1.7 mm right/left and 2.0 mm top/bottom)
  • Non bled off objects (Text, logo etc.) needs to have a min. distance to the edge of the card, chips or magnetic stripes of 2 mm.
  • Placeholders for magnetic stripes, signature panels, Chips etc. and all other elements that shall not be printed in Offset may not occur in the print pdf file.If necessary please send along a preview pdf.
  • Only the colour models CMYK (Euroskala) and/or special colours (HKS-K, Pantone-C, etc.). No RGB-data!
  • The cost for implementation of data, approval etc. are charged upon time and effort.
  • We cannot be held responsible for mistakes in data (layout, characters, text etc.) and the resulting costs.

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