Professional print of Barcodes and QR-Codes on Plastic cards

Barcodes can be read by machines and can be used in various applications:in merchandise management systems as well as an economic alternative to magnetic stripes on Client cards for example. Access control and ticketing systems work reliably with Barcodes - the use is very common.

According to the purpose Barcodes are generated in different types. Barcodes for the grocery trade consist of 8 or 13 digits, the barcodes are submitted in Germany by the CCG in Cologne. In the pharnaceutical industry the so called NDC or PIP Code is encrypted in the Barcode and in the field of transports there are more and more two-dimensioned Codes used.

Usually the Plastic cards are printed in Offset and afterwards the Barcode or QR-Code is printed individually on each card. We follow strictly the specification of the customer for the type of Barcode and only after the verification on the reading device the personalisation starts.

For higher volumes the personalisation is made in High-Secure process and a logfile is created. By this process we make sure duplicates are avoided, the entire process of personalisation is documented and can be retraced.

Examples of application:

  • Pharmacy Client cards
  • Library ID cards
  • Client cards
  • Voucher cards
  • Price tags
  • Entry tickets

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