Legal Notice

Important note

As far as we support you as a full-service provider with the production of your products according to your wishes, may we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following:

1. Manufacturer

The products manufactured for you must - among other things - comply with the legal requirements of the Product Safety Act, and this defines the term of the manufacturer according to § 2 No. 14 Product Safety Act as follows:

In the sense of this law

14. Any natural or legal person who manufactures a product or has it developed or manufactured and markets this product under its own name or under its own brand is considered a manufacturer; Also anyone who

a) affixes its name, brand or other distinctive mark to a product on a commercial basis and thereby pretends to be a manufacturer or ...

2. Legal regulations

Please note that the aforementioned manufacturer term may apply to your case; In this case, you as the manufacturer are obliged to observe and comply with all legal regulations at both national and international levels. Among other things, we point out without claiming to be complete and correct

  • Labeling requirements:
    according to § 6 and § 7 Product Safety Act
  • Declaration of conformity:
    Please also note that - if necessary - the sole responsibility for the issuance of the EU declaration of conformity rests with the manufacturer resulting from the card or its documents, and therefore you, if applicable.
  • CE marking:
    Please also note, if necessary, that the manufacturer alone is responsible for compliance with European regulations and therefore for affixing the CE mark.

    Magnetic stripe cards and plastic cards without technology and passive RFID blockers are currently not subject to the CE marking requirement. They must not be provided with a CE mark

    Contact-based chip cards, RFID cards and RFID media, on the other hand, require the manufacturer to issue a declaration of conformity according to RoHs and possibly EMC and must be marked with the CE mark.
  • WEEE registration:
    For contact-related chip cards the WEEE directive is applicable and must fulfill registration, information and reporting obligations in the respective countries in which they are marketed (Art. 16 Directive 212/19 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 04.07.2017 on waste electrical and electronic equipment); For WEEE exceptions, please ask the respective registration companies for country-specific requirements.

    Nationally, the WEEE directive is implemented by the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act and contact-based chip cards, RFID cards and RFID media are therefore subject to registration with the Waste Electrical Equipment Register (EAR); in addition, they must be marked with a crossed-out garbage can. Please note that the aforementioned registration and labeling requirements are the sole responsibility of the card manufacturer.

We would like to point out that the above information does not claim to be complete or correct, nor does it constitute binding legal advice. However, we would like to point out that we do not subject the print data you have provided to any checks as to whether they correspond to your manufacturer's obligations with the print data provided to us.

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