RFID cards individually printed

RFID-cards have plenty of advantages: They are safe, maintenance free and very handy. RFID-cards are readable contactless - according to the type, frequency or performance of the antenna - also from distance. A typical application for RFID technology are ski tickets or room cards in hotels.

But what does RFID mean literally? Radio Frequency Identifikation is a technology that uses electromagnetic waves to communicate between transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is a transponder containing a programmed unique code (UID), the receiver is a compatible reading unit.

In the cards technology the transponders are flat coils with antenna integrated inside the PVC card - invisible from outside. The surface can be fully printed - in contrary to the classic contactchips where you need to consider the position of the chip while creating the layout of the card.

We are printing your layout on RFID cards in Offsetprint and on demand the cards are personalised with the unique Chipcode (UID). This UID is saved in a logfile that can be imported into the customers system, so that every card in use is already acknowledged by the system.

Examples of application:

  • Access control
  • Employee ID cards
  • Time control
  • Wardrobe and Locker systems
  • Entry tickets
  • Ski tickets
  • Hotel Key cards

Popular Chip types:

Mifare cards 13,56 MHz
Mifare Ultralight 64 B
Mifare Ultralight C 192 B
Mifare Classic 1kB
EM Marin cards 125 kHz
EM 4102 8Byte, Read only
EM 4200 128 bit, Read only
EM 4450 1.024 Byte
Hitag cards 125 kHz
Hitag 1 256 B
Hitag 2 32 B
Hitag S 64 B
Hitag S 256 B
I-Code cards 13,56 MHz
I-Code 1 SLICS30 64 B
I-Code SLI SL2 ICS20 128 B
I-Code SLI-S 256 B
I-Code UID SL2 ICS11 24B
LEGIC cards 13,56 MHz
LEGIC Prime MIM256
LEGIC Prime MIM1024
Tag-it - TI cards 13,56 MHz
Tag-it HF I Plus 256 B
Tag-it HF I Plus 1024 B
Monza 3
Monza 4

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Product specifications

Standard quality and Type:
0,82 mm PVC laminated (credit card quality)
in Offsetprint CMYK

Environment protection

Eco-friendly materials
recycled PVC | PETG | cardboard material

Reduction of CO2-Emissions
raw material | production | disposal